Featured Project --- Silent Stories

  • Together, Yet Apart

    Though they remained a couple, the personal growth of each occurred outside that connection.

  • The War of Words

    The war of words had subsided, but it was evident from their back-to-back posture neither had go of the hostility.

  • Grown Ass Man

    Son, you best get your head out of the clouds and start acting like a grown ass man. And clean up your damn room. I don't know how you live in that pigsty with all that clutter.

  • Avoiding The Mainstream

    They were a tight knit family who enjoyed their privacy and maintained a distance from the hubbub of the mainstream.

  • The Young Celebrity

    The townsfolk were known to be a little protective of their young celebrity with the big personality.

  • Madame

    She thoroughly embraced her role as grande dame of the village...maintaining an impeccable appearance and bestowed with a quick wit and ever increasingly sharp tongue.

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