Ireland - Fall 2017

The Crew

The best part of any organized group trip is always the people. And what a terrific group we had.....

The 'good hair shot' of the group.

Organized and led by the terrific team at....

Light Land & Sea 
  - Athena Carey
  - John Dunne

I can't say enough good things about the job they did leading the workshops and scrambling to find shooting locations when current weather conditions made the original plan less than practical. And what generally excellent cat herders they are. Many thanks to them!

The Merry Band of Participants...

  - Ted & Dora McGee
  - Dick Tarr
  - Kevin Crays
  - Nick & Sarah Bridges
  - Tony Gouge
  - Nancy Crays
  - Yours Truly

What a wonderfully good spirited and congenial group of cats this was from a rather diverse cross section of the USA. Appreciate the heck out of the cooperative and collaborative nature everyone displayed!


County Kerry


County Cork


County Waterford


County Wexford