Are Photographers Adversely Impacting Our National Parks?

One at a time, not likely. But cumulatively......very possibly.

It's not at all uncommon to see an image online that many of us would like to shoot as well. If/when the opportunity presents itself to do so, most of us probably do. And if enough photographers all plant their tripod legs in the same location, we surely impact that location over time. And as long as we adhere to the National Parks' rules & regulations, there's not much to be done about whatever impact occurs.

But unfortunately, there are too many among us who are too willing to stretch the rules, go just over the fence, etc to get 'the shot'. And the next one of that type goes a bit beyond that. And before you know it, there's starting to be significant impact to areas that can be rather fragile.

It's a shame some are so obsessed with trying to outdo every other shooter that's come before them. The National Parks are a treasure, and we should all be leaders in the 'Leave No Trace' movement.

For a very well writtien and much more  interesting read on the topic from a Ranger at Grand Teton National Park, please read this blog post from Christina Adele.

Edit -11/30/16: The above article inspired this post, but I've since run across another excellently written article in this post from Sarah Marino on the Dreamscapes blog.

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