So....You Wanna be a Pro Photographer

Wouldn't it be nice to land a full-time salaried position as a photographer. A regular paycheck mind you.....not the all too common feast or famine  yo-yo many 'pro' photographers endure. Sounds like a pretty good gig, no?

So, who would you be working for you ask. The US National Park Service, that's who. Ohhhhhh...., I'll bet that got a few readers to sit up and pay attention. Yes, if you got the chops, you can get spend your days shooting the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Great Smoky Mountain Nat'l Park, etc......and get a regular paycheck, and presumably, benefits as well. Holy Cimoli..., where do I apply?!?!?!

So..., just exactly what are the qualifications? Nothing major......just shoot in film. You know, that 'old fashioned' 20th century silver emulsion stuff. You remember that, right.(?)

Well, here's the kicker.....not only must the chosen one shoot film, he/she must do so with Large Format gear. If that loud Whoosh! sound I hear isn't the wind dumping out of your sails, read more about the opportunity here.