Lake Tishomingo 0007, 06/07/2015

Copyright 2015, RJ Wilner Photography: All Rights Reserved     -----     Date/Time Captured: 06/07/2015

Location: Jefferson County, MO

Sunrise on the lake this past Sunday. I was up e-a-r-l-y (just because.....well, I always am), and wasn't planning to shoot. But as I stepped out on the deck at roughly 05:15, there was already a little color emerging in the scattered. So, I rushed back in, grabbed the gear and headed down to one of my 2 favorite locations on the lake. Probably missed the best color, but was happy to find a little mist rising off the lake and the somewhat pastel colors.

I'm always amaze at how much the location of sunrise changes throughout the year. On this particular am, it came up virtually 90 degrees to the left of this view. But it will also rise at about the very tip of the tree line on the right most tip of the tree line on the left. And, of course, everything in between!