US National Park Service - Search and Rescue Missions

The US National Parks are one of this country's true wonders.....'IMO', of course. I've been fortunate to visit a number of them, and while I was aware the Park Service occasionally had to perform 'Search And Rescue' missions, I didn't have a clue just how many such missions they were involved in each year.

This article from The Salt Lake Tribune provides some interesting data on the subject for the calendar yr 2014. The staff at the Grand Canyon had to perform 324 SAR's last year....324! That's an average of close to 1 per day. In total, there were 2658 SAR's in 2014.

I wonder how many of those were the result of some Darwin Award candidate doing something they had no business doing and got themselves into trouble in the process.

What was it the old Sarge on the Hill Street Blues tv show used to admonish the boys in blue at the end of shift report..."Let's be careful out there". Seems like that applies to National Park visitors as well.

A map of the SAR missions performed on the Continental 48 of the US. The darker the dot, the more missions there were performed in that area......