Day Trip: Dillard Mill Historic Site, 06/06/2015

Copyright 2015, RJ Wilner Photography: All Rights Reserved     -----     Date/Time Captured: 06/06/2015 @ 10:33 AM

Location: Viburnum, MO

There are several mid-late 1800's era grist mills in southern Missouri that I've been meaning to visit for quite some time, but just never have got around to doing so. When I realized last week this one was only a 1.5hr (roughly 75 mi)  drive from my 'hood',  I had to make the short road trip to it this past Saturday.

When I left home early that am, there was barely a cloud in the sky. Got about 45" down the road, and the cloud cover started picking up. Another 20" on the road, and it was completely overcast with a nice light layer of fog. Was starting to get a little excited. But alas, once I reached the destination, no fog, and the sky was just a drab monotone gray in every direction. I did a few boo-hoos and started meandering around the site looking for compositions for future reference.

But lo and behold, finally about 10am the cloud cover finally began to break, and by 10:30, I was able to snap this take. And having noticed the interesting formations on the bottom of Huzzah Creek, I decided to try a long exposureto smooth out the water's surface and reveal those underwater formations.

I was pleased to capture this one, but the best part of the entire day's adventure turned out to be a short part of the drive down. I had started down State Hwy P (?highway?....more like every other paved 2-lane country road in southern MO), and am about 10 miles in when I see the shadow of some big bird cross the road in front of me. I peak up through the windshield, and there's this BIG bird with white tail feathers flying just above the treetops lining both sides of the road. And it was clearly following the road's track. Is that.....could it be......sure enough, he finally turned across my path just enough that I could see the white feathered head of a bald eagle! I slowed my roll enough that I stayed right behind him, and he just kept effortlessly flying down the same path the road took. And we both kinda moseyed down the road like that for at least 1.5 miles....him gliding easily just in front of me and just barely higher than the treetops. Eventually, I guess he got bored following the road (no road kill to be found?) and just kept going straight when the road took a pretty healthy curve, and I lost sight of him. Except for that one time when he flew across the road at just enough of an angle for me to see his head, and he seemed to turn it ever so slightly enough to easily see me 'on his 6', he clearly had no interest in me whatsoever. If only he knew how excited I was to see and follow him for that brief time.