So, You Think You're a Serious Astro Photographer.....

But are you serious enough about it to purchase equipment specifically for astrophotography. Equipment like a 'cooled' Nikon D5500? Check out this article on Digital Trends.

Image from the aforementioned article at Digital Trends.

Though I would not remotely consider myself an equipment junkie, I sorta thought I was at least marginally aware of most of the various equipment available and their trends in the digital photography world.

But I had no clue some folks were as serious about their astro work as apparently is the case. Stumbled across the above article today, and a subsequent Google search on cooled cameras turned up a surprising (to me) amount of 'stuff' (thank you, George Carlin).

Of course, there's also the Nikon D810A.....not cooled but a specialized astro device as well.

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