Edward Weston

Along with Ansel Adams, we thinks it’s safe to say Edward Weston was one of the pioneers of the ‘fine print’ in the world of photography. The link provided here is to the Weston family site, and though nice, the images, as presented, just don’t do his work justice. Should the opportunity arise, we would encourage everyone to find an exhibition of his work and marvel at the tonal range available. And that just addresses the craftsmanship of his prints. The artistic quality is just as amazing……I just can’t imagine how anyone can make a green pepper or a seashell look truly sensual. But that’s exactly the reaction evoked in a couple of Weston’s images.

The following video gives us a peak into his life & work.....

This 1948 documentary film about Edward Weston was made late in his life when his legendary energy was failing. He had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and, shortly after this film was made, he could no longer use his large format cameras. He made his very last photograph the year this film was released.