SmartPhone Camera Lenses - Better Than A DSLR?!?!

What I wouldn't give for a 'camera', in whatever form such a device may be configured, that was half the size & weight of my current full frame DSLR with lens resolution and image quality the same or better. In general, the smaller & lighter the physical dimensions of any image capture device, the better. And in a perfect storm of photographic phantasy, it would also cost half as much (or less)!! I get giddy just thinking about the possibility.

And just like driverless cars, I have little doubt it will happen....some day. Will 'some day' occur while I have the good fortune to awake each morning to see the green side of Mother Earth? While I'm a firm believer in the 'never say never' philosophy, I sure wouldn't make a trip to Vegas and put a significant amount of money on the possibility.

But, if there is any merit to this article at Thinkstuff, it appears there is research being done on 'metalenses' at Harvard that may take us one step closer to a world of significantly smaller, lighter, and cheaper image capture devices somewhere down the road.

Hurry up, folks....I SO want to see this happen!