Elliott Erwitt - 'Street Photographer' Par Excellence

 Self Portrait

Self Portrait

In the genre of 'street photography', I am totally lost. Back in my film shooting days (eons ago), I'd give it a try every now & then. But never captured anything remotely worth sharing with 'the world'. 

But if I did possess such skills, I would hope they would not be in the vein of so many street shots I run across these days.....with some non-plussed, devoid of visible emotions individual sitting on the front stoop of one of America's 'little pink houses....for you & me'.

Instead, I would hope such imagined skills would lean in the direction of those displayed by Elliot Erwitt. His photographic sense of humor is legendary, and is in full bloom in this collection of Magnum Photos. Be prepared to chuckle frequently. 

But while the collection is dominated by some of his humorous images, there is also a handful of straight photojournalism covering bygone world leaders that is about as good as it gets as well. And a couple of absolutely chilling shots that will just send shivers down your spine.