Happy 2017

     Unless you've been living under a rock, or are like me and were just SO excited about it's occurrence that you managed to doze off on the couch a couple hr before the moment of transition passed, here's a newsflash for ya.....
     A new year has begun. That's right.....2016 is no more. Box it up and tie a bow around it....2016 is his-toe-ree. Time to start dating the checks for the monthly bills with 2017 (or forgetting to do so the first month or two).  
     Personally, I've not partaken in New Year festivities of the 'party' kind for a long time. I'm just as content to sit in the comfort of my own home with a Makers Mark in hand, and watch the rest of the world go all bonkers on 'the tube'. And this year I managed to not even make it to the Midnight Meltdown before the SandMan came a knocking.

     But all the ho-hum aside, there are things I appreciate about the start of the new year. And chief among them is daylight.....and in particular, more of it. Technically, the Winter Solstice passed a couple weeks ago, and the days were already starting to get a minute or two longer each day before the new year started. But it seems each year that doesn't become an attention grabber until right around the new year's beginning.  And just knowing the days are starting to get longer is enough to generate a positive vibe for me that I can ride out through winter's worst. Positive because, those we've really just entered the clutches of Ole Man Winter, the longer days will eventually lead to warmer temps, the warmer temps will get the earth to stirring with new life, and before we know it, Mother Earth will be in a full on party mode of new growth and blooms with spring's arrival. And scenes like the image included here from Great Smoky Mountains National Park will just r-o-c-k the color green.

And it all starts with the days getting longer. So, I say....Bring On The Light!

     Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go hum a few bars of Lynrd Skynrd's 'Simple Man'. :) But in the meantime, to all my friends, family, fellow photographers and acquaintances, to all my co-workers and my employer, to the farmers who grow the food I eat each day and those involved in getting it to the grocery store, to the health care professionals who will care for my ills, to those who make the materials that turn into the clothes I wear, to those who supply the energy that affords me the ability to live comfortably in my own home, to those who produce the automobiles and the gazillion sundry bits it takes to produce them, and to the I.T. folks who make it possible for me to type these electronic messages and share them with 'the world', I can only say........