Kodak Ektachrome - Back From the Dead


For a second time today, I'm writing something of a nostalgic post. In something of a positive vein for film era buffs, Kodak has announced plans to bring it's Ektachrome film back from the walking dead. Along with Kodachrome, Ektrachrome was one of THE two big color slide films 'back in the day' when I initially got involved in photography around 1970. There were other film mfrs that had their fans at the the time, and 5-10 years later, Fuji's Velvia became a major player in the color slide film world. But when I started, the big 2 from Kodak were the 600lb gorillas of the day. 

I suspect this will be met with cheers by many who continue to find some magic in film shooting. And if I didn't feel I still have SO much to learn about digital shooting, it might well entice me to break out the film gear as well. 

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