This Is Not Your Father's Hasselblad


When I first started in photography in 1970'ish, the only thing cooler for a gearhead than owning a Nikon F 35mm camera was to have a medium format Hasselblad device. If one had the wherewithal to own a Hassy in those days, you were either......rather 'well heeled', or......a successful working pro with a Day Timer full of scheduled jobs as far out in time as the calendar would allow. To use the vernacular of the day, a Hassy was 'the shit'.

While I'm not a gearhead by any stretch, I do bump into enough gear related news/info to know that many of the dominant 'photography' gear/supplies companies that had so dominated the film era had fallen on hard times. Thirty years ago, it would have been almost inconceivable that a company like Kodak could be reduced the shell of it's former self that exists today.

And though I was vaguely aware Hasselblad had seen better days, I had no idea they'd gone through as much turmoil as this article from Luminous Landscape indicates is the the point they've been bought out by one of the 'hot' technology companies of today....DJI...a drone manufacturer. Seems a little ironic.  And after going through multiple corporate personality changes, it seems they were trying to return to their roots when they announced new cameras last year that had many in the industry drooling for their release. And now they've got a gaggle of orders for these new devices waiting to be filled, and are so cash strapped, they're having trouble filling them. 

Quite disconcerting to see such a once proud and revered company fall so far. Go check out the entire Luminous Landscape article for all the gory details.

Image Source: Luminous Landscape