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Old Man Take a Look at My Life....
I’m a lot like you.
l need someone to love me
The whole day through.
Ah, one look in my eyes
And you can tell that’s true.
— Neil Young

Couldn't help Young's song popping into my head as soon as I saw the first of this stunning series of portraits of elderly folks looking at a reflection of their much younger self in a mirror, a train window, or whatever. What a terrific concept executed with hints of a Norman Rockwell sensibility to them. 

Great Stuff!

Elliott Erwitt - 'Street Photographer' Par Excellence
 Self Portrait

Self Portrait

In the genre of 'street photography', I am totally lost. Back in my film shooting days (eons ago), I'd give it a try every now & then. But never captured anything remotely worth sharing with 'the world'. 

But if I did possess such skills, I would hope they would not be in the vein of so many street shots I run across these days.....with some non-plussed, devoid of visible emotions individual sitting on the front stoop of one of America's 'little pink houses....for you & me'.

Instead, I would hope such imagined skills would lean in the direction of those displayed by Elliot Erwitt. His photographic sense of humor is legendary, and is in full bloom in this collection of Magnum Photos. Be prepared to chuckle frequently. 

But while the collection is dominated by some of his humorous images, there is also a handful of straight photojournalism covering bygone world leaders that is about as good as it gets as well. And a couple of absolutely chilling shots that will just send shivers down your spine.

Ansel Adams' Zone System - Still Relevant?

Alan Ross had the good fortune to work side by side, both in the field and in the darkroom, with Ansel Adams for a number of years. Suffice it to say, he probably has as much direct exposure to Adams' development of, and use of, the 'Zone System' as anyone you're likely to run across.

In this blog post, he presents a little background on the Zone System, but is primarily out to answer the question of whether the system  remains a useful technique today.....some 70 yr after Adams originally developed it.

To the question....'darling or dinosaur', I suspect you may already know AR's answer.