HWY 21 018

 Copyright 2015, RJ Wilner Photography     -----     Date/Time Shot: 01/10/2015 @ 08:04 AM

Copyright 2015, RJ Wilner Photography     -----     Date/Time Shot: 01/10/2015 @ 08:04 AM


Location: Jefferson County, MO

I am not a ‘winter person’ by any stretch of the imagination. But I braved single digit temps (F, that is) on this day in hopes of capturing a shot or two for an ongoing ‘IceChitecture’ series I’ve had percolating for a couple years now.

It’s a simple project of images that, thus far, have all been captured along the highways & byways ‘in my hood’, so to speak. When MODoT is building roads and runs into a hill steeper than they’d like the road to be, they blast the heck out of Mother Earth to lessen the grade of the road. That leaves a lot of exposed rock ‘walls’ that bleed water after one type of precipitation or another.  When winter rolls around and we get a rainfall followed by a subsequent hard freeze, or a snowfall that begins to melt and freezes over again, the water that bleeds out of these rock walls forms all manner of interesting ‘IceChitecture’ formations.

Sometimes these formations fall almost the entire height of the wall….which can be anywhere from 10 ft high to 50 or more ft on occasion. But sometimes, as in this case, the best shots I’ve found are at the very base of the wall where the melt/refreeze activity just builds up over time…forming various icicle formations and enveloping any of the previous growing season’s greenery that had taken root right at that base.

Hope you enjoy!