Date/Time Captured: 09/07/2002 @ 09:21     -----     Copyright 2002, RJ Wilner Photography

Date/Time Captured: 09/07/2002 @ 09:21     -----     Copyright 2002, RJ Wilner Photography

Location: White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

A 2002 vacation trip to New Mexico marked a return to me becoming an avid photographer again. I had been very active in my 20’s, but kinda went on a shooting hiatus except for family and ‘snapshot’ vacay stuff when the silver market went through the roof in the early 80’s and prices of B&W film and printing paper escalated right along with silver.

Though I wasn’t actively shooting for ‘creative satisfaction’ for many years, I never lost interest in photography and continued to loosely follow what was transpiring in the field. As digital cameras came to be, my interest was piqued again, and when ‘consumer’ level point & shoot devices became affordable, I picked up an Olympus C3030Z….used to shoot this image here.

One of the first things I did post camera purchase was to start contemplating a ‘photo adventure’ vacation. When I happened to bump into some images shot at White Sands National Monument by Ansel Adams, I decided right then that would be the place to go.

White Sands is a terrific location for sand dunes photography, and I spent the first couple days just trying to capture some sliver of an ‘eye’ for workable compositions, and playing around with the various image capture options that were available on the 2mp Oly device. This shot was the first that generated a positive “I can do this!” sense about shooting for creative fulfillment on the trip.

Processing the image in early 2016 from the 2mp .tif file shot in 2002 took a fair amount of coaxing to draw out a presentable image, and makes me realize just how much I’d like to go back to White Sands at some point with the full-frame DSLR now in tow.