Date/Time Captured: 06/13/2014 @ 18:55     -----     Copyright 2015, RJ Wilner Photography

Date/Time Captured: 06/13/2014 @ 18:55     -----     Copyright 2015, RJ Wilner Photography


Location: Carvers Gap, TN

This was shot on a trip to the Roan Mtn – Carvers Gap area of Tennessee. The primary impetus for making this trip at this time of year was to catch the rhododendrons in bloom. What’s the big deal about a blooming rhodie? Well, if you haven’t experienced it…..they grow wild, and B-I-G in this part of the world. And there are just ‘oodles’ of them in the area. It’s a big enough spectacle that the town of Roan Mtn, TN holds an annual ‘Roan Mountain Rhododendron Festival’ in June each year.

But I digress, and though the rhodie bloom is certainly a treat, the Roan Mtn/Carvers Gap area of Tennessee is terrifically scenic and offers plenty of photo ops in adddtion to the rhodies, so on to the image presented here….

On our hike out to the Roan High Bluff Overlook, our group (myself and some friends discovered on Google Plus…Jerry Denham , Travis Rhoads , & Ron Williams ) had stopped to shoot a similar ‘light at the end of the trail’ scene. At least my compatriots did. I had just caught up to the group as Jerry was finishing his take on the scene. So, I kinda just threw my tripod up and fired off a few frames. And that half-hearted effort shows in that shot….not something I’d share.

But later, when we’d reached the overlook and waited, and waited, and waited for the fog in front of us to break, I started getting a little antsy. The fog was t-h-i-c-k, and it was darn chilly standing out on the overlook. Eventually, I started semi-pacing around the area, and meandered far enough off the overlook deck such that I was looking back down the trail we had just hiked up to the overlook. I probably looked at his scene and meandered back up to the overlook a couple times before I finally dragged the gear back down here and worked the shot. Much happier with this take than the one I shot from the other end of the trail looking in this direction.