Lake Tishomingo 019

 Date/Time Captured: 06/07/2010 @ 06:04 ----- Copyright 2016, RJ Wilner Photography

Date/Time Captured: 06/07/2010 @ 06:04 ----- Copyright 2016, RJ Wilner Photography

  • Always good to hit the lakefront at sunrise.   Check.
  • Great to find some sunrise color in this westward looking view. Check.
  • Good to find the lake surface almost perfectly still reflecting the sunrise colors. Check.
  • Bonus to have a little mist rising off the the lake. Check.

When all those hoped for elements are present when I find my way to our lakefront at sunrise, more often than not it will lead to a nice capture or two. I started this session at my favorite dock approx 100 yds to the right of this scene just as official sunrise was starting to strut it's stuff. And got a couple 'ok' shots. But the cloud cover was just kinda 'meh', and the color started off a little bland. So, I started moseying along the sea wall on the lakefront....more just to kill a little time in hopes the color might improve rather than looking for other possible ops. But when I made it over to the 'beach' area and spotted these roses spread along the water's edge, I just planted the tripod in the pea gravel and waited hopefully. And fortunately for me, MoNat was feeling cooperative this am as she painted some terrific cloud cover across the sky. And as I've learned from many sunrises spent on the lakefront, she's often partial to supplying the best light & color just as the sunlight starts to skim the treetops along the shores of the lake.

Now....., if only I knew what prompted someone to leave the roses at the water's edge. Early June, I would think school graduations would have already passed in these parts. No major lake sponsored events had transpired the last day or two. Perhaps a special occasion for one individual....or maybe a couple.(?) Perhaps a promise was made.(?) Perhaps a proposal was made and accepted.(?) Perhaps some not so silver-tongued guy was seeking forgiveness for some unknown transgression he made with his lady.(?)

I'll never know the answer. But pondering the possibilities made the find a special morning for this 'tog.

Location: Jefferson County, MO