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Clingmans Dome 048, 06/16/2016

Welcome! You have stumbled across the web site of RJ Wilner. Thanks for stopping by!

A few notes about the site...

  - Though the primary function of the site is to serve as a 'gallery' for what I feel are generally my 'Best of..' images, it is also intended to be something of a journal of my photographic journey. I.e., many of the images included either do now, or will eventually, have a caption included to provide some pertinent info about the image. Sometimes, that will be technical info, sometimes it will elaborate on the 'story' of the image, sometimes it will be a tidbit concerning the making of the image.

  - Currently, the 'caption' for each image includes the image title as well as the Location and Date/Time Captured info. It may also include add'l info as well (as mentioned above), but for now each image includes these details.

  - You may notice that I'm rather OCD'ish about chronology. The 'Home' page slideshow as well as each individual gallery are designed to display that set of images in chronological order. Possibly only important to me as it helps deliniate the 'journal' aspect of the site. 

  - Where the time of day is noted, it will always be based on the 24hr clock...none of this AM/PM silliness. :)

  - The site is primarily divided into Color and B&W galleries with similar categories of images included in each.

  - In addition, the 'Projects' are series' of images that contain a consistent theme. You will find a description of that theme at the top of each Project page.

  - At the bottom of each page are alternative groupings of images that may not comprise a 'project', but fit together in ways some visitors may find appealing.

  - In the not too distant future, those gracious enough to consider purchasing a print of any of these images will be able to do so directly from the site. But that is sort of a Stage 2 plan for the site.

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