Posted: 12/24/2018

The 9 images in this collage are those I posted on Instagram this year that garnered the most 'Likes'...for whatever that may be worth. In the big picture, the total number of Likes is trivial, but it is nice to know I've produced something I enjoy that others do as well. It's a bit like going to a concert and having the crowd 'flick their Bic' (?do they still do that at concerts?).

 The only thing that's a bit of a surprise is that 6 of the 9 are B&W shots. I've been noticing that the IG crowd seems to like my B&W better than color, so it's not too big a surprise. But good to confirm what I'd been sensing. And the fact the B&W do dominate this year actually does my heart good.

It's also worth noting only a couple in this group were actually shot this year, so it's likely my own personal favorites for the year will be a decidedly different group.

Below are the same images pulled from this site at a higher resolution for those interested.

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