Posted: 12/22/2018

White Sands National Monument 001, 09/07/2002

White Sands National Monument 001, 09/07/2002

Location: White Sands National Monument, USA
Date/Time Captured: 09/07/2002 @ 09:21

Welcome to my new photography site on SmugMug!

For the last several years I've had my site hosted over at Squarespace and that served me well. But I've had a desire for some time to expand the scope of the site from being a simple 'gallery' site to share my images to more of a 'journal' of my photographic journey. And SmugMug just better suits that concept. 

What do I mean by a 'journal' site? In a sense, I'm hoping to turn this into a sort of Wikipedia page for my journey through photography. There's a couple factors involved for me....

1) I'm more than a little OCD'ish when it comes to chronology of the images displayed. If you land on my 'Home' page, it will display the most recent image I felt worthy of being a 'portfolio' image and proceed in descending chronological order from there.....until you reach the image above...the very first digital image I captured worthy of being included in my 'Best Of...' collection.

       a) The above also applies to every gallery and every 'collection' of images on the site. There may be the very rare exception to this rule, but it will be just that....a rare exception.

2) The other 'journal' aspect I hope to utilize relates to the memories so many of these images hold for me. It's very common for me to view many of my images and be immediately transported back to the time & place the image is shot. It's always a bit of a surprise to me how often I can see/hear/feel the conditions in place at the time an image was captured. And I would like to share some of those memories...even if I'm the only one that ever reads them. :)

Sometimes I'll share those memories via the image captions if mostly applicable to that particular image. I'll also use the blog for this purpose as well. For the most part, I'm guessing those will tend to be written mostly as a description of a photographic adventure I that a day trip to a state park in my 'hood' and/or multi-day trips to who knows what exotic location. And I'm hoping to do occasional 'vlogging' of future adventures.

I've wanted to do something along this line for a number of years, and am looking forward to getting started. Here's hoping a few of you will take a pass by the site on occasion and enjoy what you find!

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