A Tale of Two Seasons

Posted: 06/15/2019

Don Robinson State Park 0001, 02/23/2019

Location: Jefferson County, MO, USA
Date/Time Captured: 02/23/2019 @ 08:42

Don Robinson State Park 0033, 06/06/2020

Location: Jefferson County, MO, USA

Date/Time Captured: 06/06/2019 @ 08:34

I had intended to write this post for the recent Nature Photography Day and got it started, but never finished in time to post then. So..., picking things back up....

For me, it's as the post title states...a tale of two seasons and how we, or at least I, have historically viewed those 2 seasons.

Any discussion of Mother Nature and seasons could be one large and very deep rabbit hole to jump in, but I'd like to narrow it down to some seasonal juxtapositions utilizing the 2 included images shot in the same Missouri State Park in 2 different seasons.  On one hand, they seem rather obvious now, but represent differences I, and possibly others, had not considered previously. 

One image is from late this past winter and the other from a recent spring day. Though not the same scene, the 2 locations are probably not much more than .25 miles away from each other 'as the crow flies'.

The juxtaposition to which I referred revolves around the deciduous forest types we have here in Missouri and how I have tended to think about winter and spring historically.

* Winter:  If asked how I would describe winter, I would use verbiage like cold, harsh, and/or a time of hibernation....perhaps 'closed for business'.  If asked to use a single color to describe the season, I likely would have chosen blue....associating winter with the color snow can frequently take on in a photograph. 

Spring:; If asked how I would describe spring, I likely would utilize terms along the lines of renewal, rejuvenation, growth,. The color could never be anything but green. My goodness..., those greens. So vibrant early in spring that sometimes it seems the air is green as well. Overall, it provides (me) a sense of optimism more than any other season. 

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