If Only...

Posted: 12/29/2018

Ballydwan 0057, 10/22/2017

Ballydwan 0057, 10/22/2017

Location: County Waterford, Ireland
Date/Time Captured: 10/22/2017 @ 09:51

While going through my images captured during 2017 and attempting to select just one for my '2017 Year in Review', I stopped at this one and just lingered and enjoyed it. I enjoyed the memories of what a great trip the adventure to Ireland had been and what a great group of people we were fortunate to have as part of that adventure.  I remembered our first visit to this location that occurred just several days after Hurricane Irma had passed over Ireland and the sea was just r-a-g-i-n-g that evening. 

And I realized as all those memories came flooding back that just simply enjoying the fruits of my labor is something I do all too infrequently. Too often, I can't look at any of my images without doing a mental critique of the shot and going through a litany of 'If only(s)...' about the shot. 'If only...' the clouds had been doing such and such. 'If only....'  that one sea stack had been a bit further to the left. 'If only...' the sun had come up directly over that mountain peak. And on and on it goes.

But for reasons I don't fully understand, I never do that with this image. Each time I open it, I'm able to just sit and enjoy the color and the relative calmness of the sea (this being only a 1.6 second exposure). I enjoy pondering how long it's been since the 2 larger sea stacks on the left have been in their present location and what a commotion they must have created when they broke off the mainland and tumbled into the sea. And I wonder if the 2 took up residence in those locations at the same time and were separate events, or was it one event with one huge break off the mainland that broke apart into two stacks as it tumbled to the sea's edge.
I can wonder all those things about this image and not once think 'If only...'

How 'bout you? Do you habitually do the 'If only...' critique of your shots each time you view them?  Do you have one (or hopefully a bunch) shot that you're able to just sit back and enjoy?

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