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Posted: 5/14/2019

  • Lake Tishomingo 021, 06/15/2012
  • Lake Tishomingo 008, 01/31/2009
  • Lake Tishomingo 005, 03/17/2012
  • Lake Tishomingo 011, 11/03/2007

As you might surmise from this post's title, I am a frequent visitor of my own archives. Recently, I've been going through images I've made in the lake community on which I reside.  Those  included here were made while my house was being built or within the first yr after moving in.  Dunno that I'd classify any of these as 'portfolio worthy', but sufficiently appealing (to me anyway) to share with the world. 

There should be a fair amount more of lake images coming in the future as it was my primary subject matter for several years after building the house.

Should you wish to see the entire 'Postcards From The Lake' collection, it can be found here

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