On This Day PhotoBlog

'On This Day' is a photoblog of images selected for sharing based on the date of capture (MM/DD) matching that of the 'current' day. When I embarked on this project, I was guessing that, armed with a digital catalog of images going back almost 18 years, I should probably be able to find one image for each day of the year worth sharing. And for the most part that has proved true thus far.

But I have been a bit surprised how variable the worthy options have been day to day. For each month, there are a variable number of days for which  I've been unable to find a single image I would deem shareable, other days there have been only one, and still others had multiple options.

Many of the included images may not meet the criteria of being 'portfolio worthy', but images I enjoy nonetheless and hope others will as well. They are being accumulated by month/year simply to minimize the time needed to post them here.

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