Virtually all my 'URBEX' (Urban Exploration) photographic works comes from participating in a group photo project documenting the city of St. Louis, MO. And is conceived of and organized by a local St. Louis based photographer. The project is known as 'PhotoFloodSTL'.

Wait...'Photoflood'? What the heck is a Photoflood?

In short, it's a collection of St. Louis area photographers who meet periodically to photograph pre-defined neighborhoods in the city. Typically, those able to participate in any given event meet at a starting point in the neighborhood at a time defined by the project organizers and fan out on our own to photograph whatever captures our own individual vision in the prescribed neighborhood.

The project has been in progress for approx 8 yr now and has visited the large majority of St Louis city neighborhoods with occasional excursions to outlying communities as well as special 'Mini Floods' that focus on a specific road/park or other individual feature. It's a terrific project that, at the very least, will create a photographic history of St. Louis early in the 21st century.

For more info on the project, visit the PhotoFlood Saint Louis site.

I've come to the party rather late and participated in a few floods over the last couple years. And though the urban/street genre is not usually 'my thing', it's been a lot of fun to join the events I have thus far and stretch my legs a bit photographically.

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