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2013 Photography ~ The Year in Review

The contents below are taken from a post I made on my Google Plus social media site on 1/1/2014.....

Another year has come and gone. And looking through my 'Year in Pictures' posted here on Google+, these represent some of my personal favorites...organized in chronological order.

I'm not sure all would make a personal 'Best of...' list, and several likely wouldn't make my 'Most Popular' list. They are simply those that best trip my own emotional trigger, and represent themes/subject matter to build on in the future.

Biggest surprise (to me): B&W images make up the majority. Had I not done this year in review, I would have guessed that such a compendium would have been dominated by color shots. I find this rather pleasing.

And I would be remiss if I didn't express my gratitude to all those who have taken the time to comment on various images, to those who have expressed appreciation with a 'nuff said' +1, and especially to those who have found my work sufficiently pleasing to add me to their circles. It is very much appreciated. I photograph because it's fun. I enjoy the entire process...from being out in the field shooting the 'negatives' to sitting in front of the pc 'developing' those negatives, I enjoy it all. But to paraphrase Stephen King, 'publishing is the final act of the creative process'. That pretty well sums up how I feel about image making. I do it, to a large degree for personal pleasure. But to 'publish' an image online and know that it has brought enjoyment to others....well, that's the cherry on a hot fudge sundae. Or, as my Dad would have said..."it's the cat's meow". Hope you enjoy!

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