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2015 Photography ~ The Year in Review

Here comes 2016! And as it rapidly approaches, it's time to take a look back at my photographic journey through 2015. And a terrific year it was. I was fortunate to make a couple extended photographic excursions, several long weekend 'road trips', and a number of day trips to locales closer to home.

Virtually half of this year's favorites come from a trip to Great Smoky Mountain National Park in early May. This park is one of my all time favorite places to shoot with all the varied photo ops available. If one likes to shoot waterfalls, there's numerous choices. If one likes to shoot 'water in motion' as cascades in rivers/streams, the opportunities are almost limitless. If one likes to shoot foggy sunrises over mountain ridges that just recede in layers in the distance, you can't beat Clingmans Dome. If you're into sunbursts through the branches of lone trees, try Cades Cove. As the saying goes.....'etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!'.

A couple of the images in the group come from a workshop I attended in the Outer Banks with the terrific Mountains To Sea Workshops team with special guest instructor for the event, Athena Carey. What an amazing trip that turned out to be. I had not done much 'long exposure' work prior to that trip, and getting to do so with seaside piers reaching out into the Atlantic and/or a lighthouse and the Milky Way as subject matter was just "the cat's meow".

A couple more come from a weekend road trip to Reelfoot Lake in western Tennessee.....a location I had been introduced to by Jim Denham who was kind enough to show me around the place. And what a place it turned out to be. Definitely a location full of photo ops and one I look forward to visiting again in the future.

And then a few from the home state of Missouri to round out the bunch. While I thoroughly enjoy visiting the more exotic locations that are just chock full of photo ops of myriad types, I always feel a special sense of accomplishment at a capture that comes from the 'home turf'.

Somewhat surprisingly (to me), I had little trouble compiling this year's baker's dozen for this post. Surprising in that last year took me quite some time, and pacing, and viewing and reviewing, to narrow things down. I'm not sure what that says about this year's group, if anything, but here's hoping you enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to check them out! 

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