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2016 Photography ~ The Year in Review

I think I'll start off this year's review by repeating my opening line from last year......Here comes 2017! And as it rapidly approaches, it's time to take a look back at my photographic journey through 2016.

What an utterly terrific year this has been, and making the choices for images to include in this review was more a chore than usual. As seems to be typical, there have been a couple surprises in taking this look back at 2016....

  - Virtually all the images included were culled from 2 photo excursions made this year.

       * The first trip occurred on the Outer Banks of North Carolina during the first week of April when I joined a group of terrific shooters, most of whom I've had the very good fortune to shoot with previously. And as a small bonus, I made an overnight stop in Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the way home.

       * The second trip was to the Charleston, South Carolina area as part of a 'Long Exposure' Workshop arranged by the great team at MountainsTo Sea Workshops with Athena Carey as a guest instructor. I think this was likely the first time I'd ever set foot in SC, and what an enlightening and terrific experience it turned out to be.

  - The other surprise comes in how little shooting I did in my own 'hood' this year. Though I made several day trips within a couple hr drive of the homestead, only one long exposure shot from the lake community on which I reside wound up making the cut. Need to work on that in 2017.

Lesson learned from the above....I need to get out and shoot more!

The other significant happening for me this year was submission of 3 series of 3 images each to the 2016 International Photography Awards and having 2 of the series recognized with Honorable Mentions (one series in 2 different categories). All I can say about that is....'Holy Toledo, what an honor!' This may be the biggest surprise of the year. And though none of the images submitted were captured in 2016, I've included 1 from ea of the 2 honored series in this group (the very last 2). If interested, read more about that here.

To all those with whom I broke bread this year, to those who contributed to my overall growth as a photographer, and to all those who were kind enough to slap a Like button or leave a Comment wherever you may have encountered my work......THANKS!...for being part of the journey. To quote Sinatra....'It was a very good year'.

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