Organic Graffiti

Organic Graffiti has its seed back in 2004 when I noticed light filtered by living room blinds finding its way onto the upper walls & ceiling of my residence of the time. And that was followed up with another 'one off' in 2013 when I was intrigued by tree-filtered sunlight finding its way through a dining room window and landing on kitchen cabinets.

At the time each of those was captured, I just saw them as fun 'one-off' images and hadn't considered pursuing them as a series or project.

It wasn't until the pandemic came to town in 2020 and I captured one 'unexpected sighting' of a similar ilk...and then another...and then a third...that the idea to formalize a project was born. 

All the images in the series were captured within the confines of the walls that make up my residence. Though the lion's share are the result of exterior sunlight finding its way to seemingly unexpected endpoints somewhere in the house, a few have also been the result of interior light behaving unusually as well. 

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