Silent Stories

Trees and the wood that makes up their very being have a long and important role in the history of humankind. We have used them for fuel, furniture, the constructurion of so many man made structures, paper for our books, tools, weapons, and so much more.

They give off the oxygen we breathe, provide shade from the sun, provide food, protection, and habitat for many birds and mammals.

Yet while the lifespans of many trees far, far, exceed that of any human and have 'seen' more history than we can begin to imagine, we seldom see them as individuals. We see the forest(s), but seldom know little but the most superficial aspects of the lives of individual members that make up those forests. Their stories are silent.

  • Tragedy

    His life had been marred by significant tragedy, and only recently had he begun to show signs of being made whole again."

  • The Same, But Different

    Despite significant differences, they had grown up close friends and remained so.

  • Every Which Way

    "He was known to change the direction of his life with some regularity."

  • The Malaise

    A general malaise lie upon the entire community like a heavy blanket.

  • Together, Yet Apart

    Though they remained a couple, the personal growth of each occurred outside that connection.

  • A Hard Life

    He'd led a hardl life as a result of choices made along the way. And it showed. He had the appearance of one who was 40 going on 60.

  • The Faithful

    Convinced he would lead them to a better life, the faithful followed him across the wilderness.

  • Booty, Dooty

    Shake your booty, dooty!

  • Surrounded By Turbulence

    "She shone brightest when the world around her was most turbulent."

  • The Teacher

    Her young charges all regarded The Teacher with the utmost though she were larger than life.

  • Dancing Is Her Life

    "All she wants to do is dance."

  • Unlikely Brothers

    "People were always amazed when told they were brothers. One had leaned into life....hard. And life had leaned back with equal measure. The other.....they all called him The Zen Master. He was just...'cool'."

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