Silent Stories

Trees and the wood that makes up their very being have a long and important role in the history of humankind. We have used them for fuel, furniture, the constructurion of so many man made structures, paper for our books, tools, weapons, and so much more.

They give off the oxygen we breathe, provide shade from the sun, provide food, protection, and habitat for many birds and mammals.

Yet while the lifespans of many trees far, far, exceed that of any human and have 'seen' more history than we can begin to imagine, we seldom see them as individuals. We see the forest(s), but seldom know little but the most superficial aspects of the lives of individual members that make up those forests. Their stories are silent.

  • Together, Yet Apart

    Though they remained a couple, the personal growth of each occurred outside that connection.

  • The Young Celebrity

    The townsfolk were known to be a little protective of their young celebrity with the big personality.

  • The Will of Others

    She had frequently bent to the will of others and it had taken its toll on her.

  • Leaving Secrets Behind

    It was a tightly knit community with a lot of secrets...some dark. In reality, there were no secrets because everyone knew everybody else's secrets. And it caused a few seismic ripples in the community when one of it's younger, frailer, members elected to forego the world of secrets and stepped boldly out into the light and declared.....'No More! No more secrets!

  • Avoiding The Mainstream

    They were a tight knit family who enjoyed their privacy and maintained a distance from the hubbub of the mainstream.

  • Grown Ass Man

    Son, you best get your head out of the clouds and start acting like a grown ass man. And clean up your damn room. I don't know how you live in that pigsty with all that clutter.

  • Booty, Dooty

    Shake your booty, dooty!

  • Kiss Me!

    I don't care if the neighbors are watching. Kiss me you old fool!

  • The War of Words

    The war of words had subsided, but it was evident from their back-to-back posture neither had go of the hostility.

  • Madame

    She thoroughly embraced her role as grande dame of the village...maintaining an impeccable appearance and bestowed with a quick wit and ever increasingly sharp tongue.

  • The Struggle

    It was sometimes a struggle, but he was determined to become his own man.

  • Tragedy

    His life had been marred by significant tragedy, and only recently had he begun to show signs of being made whole again."

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